Plants Only Swag Bag


Help us spread the word all over town about the power of a Plants Only diet with our Plants Only Swag Bag! Each stamped organic cotton drawstring bag contains a 2 inch round pin button, a 3 inch round magnet, and four stickers: a 3 inch round with a green outline, a 3 inch die-cut, a 3 inch square with faux wood background, and a 4 inch wide rectangular sticker. The magnet is great on the fridge or car, the stickers are waterproof and perfect for water bottles, laptops or windows, and the pin will look great on your backpack or re-useable grocery bag! You can even use the bag for loose tea, spices or dried fruit and nuts!

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Size: Organic cotton drawstring bag measures 4 inches wide by 6 inches high. Contents: 2 inch round pin button, 3 inch round magnet, 3 inch round sticker with a green outline, 3 inch die-cut sticker, 3 inch square sticker with faux wood background, and a 4 inch wide by 1 1/4 inch high rectangular sticker.

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