I Can’t Wait to see Where I am in Another 8 Months

I know that these are totally different angles and the left one is unflattering in general BUT my fiancée posted these two photos of me recently and I couldn’t believe the difference. The photo on the left was taken on a trip to San Diego in November, 2020, immediately before I started eating a whole food plant based diet. Photos from that trip were actually a big reason why I finally decided to make a change. The second one was taken last month, in July 2021. In that time, I lost over 45 lbs. by eating a WFPB diet, even with limited physical activity due to a major ankle surgery.

Weight isn’t the most important part of this journey. Feeling better, physically and mentally, is the best part of the changes I’ve made, and the most important one. But seeing these two pictures of me side by side was so encouraging, and I can’t wait to see where I am in another 8 months. So thankful!

– Allison, @wholefoodplantbasics
Winner of the Plants Only 1,000 Instagram follower giveaway!

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