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Our kitchen candles are made with sustainable, American-raised soy wax and do not contain any additives or dyes. Housed in an 8oz. white, glass container with a wood lid, our kitchen candles burn for 40 – 50 hours and come in four scents: Rosemary Mint, Woods + Berries, Balsam Fir (out of stock),  and Lemon Peel (out of stock).

ROSEMARY MINT: Earthy rosemary and invigorating mint create this rosemary mint candle. Both notes contrast evenly against each other. Rosemary + Mint is not overpowering; rather, it is elegant and light.

WOODS + BERRIES: Tart Cranberry and Citrus notes are the base of Woods + Berries. A subtle Musk undertone contrasts the citrusy notes. Equally bright and warm, this scent instantly cozies up any space.

Sorry, out of Stock: LEMON PEEL: The depth of citrus is showcased in this candle. Lemon Peel is sweet and zesty. The bitterness of the peel contrasts nicely against the bright, citrus notes. This candle is fresh and energizing.

Sorry, out of Stock: BALSAM FIR: Balsam Fir and pine needle notes create this crisp and clean Balsam Fir candle. A Vanilla edge adds a hint of sweetness. Balsam Fir is that classic Evergreen scent, no maintenance required.

Our candles are made with sustainable, American-raised soy wax. Since they do not contain additives or dyes, they burn cleanly and emit a large and even scent throw.

The wicks are made of 100% braided cotton – nothing else! No need to worry about lead or other sketchy ingredients being released into the air. Be sure to trim the wick after each burn (to ¼ inch) to ensure the longevity of your candle.

Each candle is scented with cosmetic-grade fragrances and oils and burn cleanly and evenly.

Our candles are housed in a crisp, white glass container with a wooden lid.  Use the wooden lid to snuff out the flame once you are finished enjoying the candle.


Balsam Fir, Lemon Peel, Rosemary Mint, Woods + Berries

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