An Overnight Hospital Stay and a Heart Cath Kick Started my Journey to New Found Health

My “why” started a little over four months ago when I found myself being rushed to the ER by my adult daughter with a possible heart attack. An overnight hospital stay and a heart cath kick started my journey to new found health. Thankfully my heart was fine. I was just faced with the effects of being pre-diabetic, obese and suffering elevated cholesterol, which was sadly not surprising, as these types of illness run in my family.

I’m a mother of eight and was first diagnosed with gestational diabetes at 19 years of age with my first child. I battled gestational diabetes with each subsequent pregnancy and was treated with medication with six of my eight pregnancies. I knew I wanted to try and get my health back without the use of medication, I’ve spent years of my life attempting diet after diet with little to no results. At my two week follow up visit after my heart attack scare, I met with a new Physician’s Assistant and was presented with the idea of trying a whole food plant based diet. He asked me to watch Forks Over Knives. I’ve always been a meat lover and I was skeptical to say the least. However, I watched the documentary with my family that evening and the very next day started my journey on a whole food plant based no oil diet.

I have since lost over 60 pounds and now have a normal A1C and normal lipid panel. My husband and some of my children (working on the rest) joined me in this journey and are seeing many benefits as well. The “Plants Only” way has given me my life back. I haven’t felt this good since I was a teenager. I now have the energy to exercise, and I walk 3+ miles every day. I spent years suffering with pain and fatigue that is now completely gone thanks to the power of plants.

– Cheri Bandt
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