No Thank You, From this Moment on I will no Longer Eat Animals

The year was 1965. I had been invited to a potluck dinner attended by literati, fabulous and famous artists and musicians. Each had brought their specialty dishes. As the different dishes were passed around, I suddenly stood up and made this pronouncement: “No thank you, from this moment on I will no longer eat animals.” Well, you can probably guess the reaction in the room.

In 1965 , I had apparently morphed into a radical plant-eater from another planet, without realizing it! December is the beginning of my fifty-sixth year eating this way. Who new it would take the rest of the world sooooo long to catch up to health!?! That is my story and I am sticking with it.

When asked, “What is your secret to health,” I reply, without hesitation, “I have always stayed as far away from doctors as possible.”

I wanted to let all the Esselstyns know how much you have brought to my life since I discovered you on YouTube, of all places. The humour, the silliness, the deliciousness of it all. Thank you.

I could go on ad nauseam, however, I shall end here wishing all of the Esselstyns a very happy, healthy and joyful holiday season…

All the yumminess to you,

– Dr. CL Cohen

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