I Turned Sixty Today.

I turned sixty today. A few years back there was some question of whether I would get past 54. Heart and kidney failure; blood clots; lung disease; stroke; anemia; pneumonia; and other maladies.

I survived a five-week stay in the hospital where more than 40 gallons were drained from my broken body by dialysis.

I was sent home with bottles of pills and told to keep sodium under 1500 mg a day. That was it. I began to drown again even though I was vegan.

It wasn’t until I adopted the Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease way of eating taught by Dr. Esselstyn, his wife Ann, and their daughter Jane that I turned things around. I am alive because of them. Of this I have no doubt.

This was tonight’s birthday feast. I also had a salad with layers of greens. Talk about a nitric oxide feast.

Tom Ryan
Author of “Will’s Red Coat” and “Following Atticus”
Instagram: @tom_samwise_emily

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