Travel Tin Candles


Perfect for gift giving, trying something new, or enjoying your favorite scent on the go, our brand new 4 oz. Plants Only tins have a burn time of 20 – 25 hours and are made with sustainable, American-raised soy wax and do not contain any additives or dyes. These tins make great stocking stuffers and come in four scents: Balsam Fir, Rosemary + Mint, Woods + Berries, and Lemongrass + Sage.

BALSAM FIR: Balsam Fir and pine needle notes create this crisp and clean Balsam Fir candle. A Vanilla edge adds a hint of sweetness. Balsam Fir is that classic Evergreen scent, a perfect holiday candle.

LEMONGRASS + SAGE: This candle is equally fresh and earthy. Lemongrass adds sweetness, while sage infuses the candle with an organic undertone. Argan oil ties the two notes together, making Lemongrass + Sage a smooth, relaxing scent.

ROSEMARY + MINT: Earthy rosemary and invigorating mint create this rosemary mint candle. Both notes contrast evenly against each other. Rosemary + Mint is not overpowering; rather, it is elegant and light.

WOODS + BERRIES: Tart Cranberry and Citrus notes are the base of Woods + Berries. A subtle Musk undertone contrasts the citrusy notes. Equally bright and warm, this scent instantly cozies up any space.

Our candles are made with sustainable, American-raised soy wax. Since they do not contain additives or dyes, they burn cleanly and emit a large and even scent throw. The silver travel tin with its snug fitting slip on lid also makes a handy storage container after its life as a candle.


Balsam Fir, Lemongrass + Sage, Rosemary Mint, Woods + Berries

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