Ceramic Everyday Mug


Announcing our new, Plants Only Ceramic Everyday Mugs. These mugs are durable and versatile, good for coffee, tea, soup, noodles or whatever you can think of! When we ordered our prototype, it quickly became our favorite mug and we fought over it every morning for coffee. This mug comes in two sizes, the small one holds 12 ounces and the large one holds 18 ounces. The Plants Only logo is embedded on both sides, it boasts a sturdy handle, speckled finish and a green rim along the top.  You’re going to love this mug!

12 oz. 3.5 inches high, 3.75 wide (not including the handle)
18 oz. 4 inches high, 4.25 wide (not including the handle)


12 oz., 18 oz.

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