Wish I Had Tuned in Sooner

I’ve been “plants only” for 2.5 years! I discovered the WFPB diet via Rich Roll on youtube and hours of informative interviews . I feel so much better and wish I had tuned in sooner. Now I’m all in and in better health with lowered cholesterol and weight! Jane and Ann’s youtube channel really helps

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She is my “Why”

I became a die-hard plant-based eater in July of 2017 after my otherwise healthy, non-smoking 75 year-old mom was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. After getting this shocking news, I immediately consulted with my good friend, Jane Esselstyn and her father and plant-based guru, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn. I dove head first into all the

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I Turned Sixty Today.

I turned sixty today. A few years back there was some question of whether I would get past 54. Heart and kidney failure; blood clots; lung disease; stroke; anemia; pneumonia; and other maladies. I survived a five-week stay in the hospital where more than 40 gallons were drained from my broken body by dialysis. I

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