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I’m Having a Great Time!

A YouTuber I enjoy mentioned that he watched The Game Changers. I watched it last November and was immediately sold. I went fully plant-based in January 2021. So far, I have lost 55 pounds. I reversed my pre-diabetic A1C. I moved my BMI from obese to overweight, my triglycerides went from 141 to 70. I …

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I’m Just Getting Started with a WFPB Lifestyle.

I am just getting started with a whole-foods, plant-based lifestyle. Three weeks so far! I have started this to lower my cholesterol to avoid medication. Lowering my blood pressure would be a benefit too. The picture is of me with my husband and daughters on the 4th of July. – Rachelle Perkins

I am 55 and Feel Great!

I have all the cookbooks and have been so inspired by Jane and Ann. I am 55 and feel great, lost weight over time by eating plants. It feels great to know an animal didn’t suffer when I eat. I am a happier person as a result. – Lorie Garcia

For the Animals and the Planet

I went plant based/vegan about 6 years ago… For the animals and the planet. Love grilling… todays lunch was grilled asparagus, orange bell pepper and marinated tofu on the George Foreman grill! Delish! – Dawn Doster, Instagram @dawndost14

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